Amazing company u won't regret it very kind heart down to earth peeps ♥️
Robin Ian Gladwin
Robin Ian Gladwin
How lucky can a person be ... firstly ... to find Right Price Conversions to modify a vehicle for my disabled wife, secondly ... to have a practical ramp lift system with many benefits to accommodate the carrying of my wife in her wheel chair, thirdly ... for Right Price to recommend a vehicle to us, which totally suits our needs and that even a 2021 current model. last but not least, Right Price were with us all the way through the whole process from the supply of our vehicle to the completion of modification. I am pleased to say we could not have asked for a more personal and caring service, the whole process of our vehicle modification was an awesome experience.
Chris Gialouris
Chris Gialouris
Great Service. Very helpful. Really happy with our wheel chair accessibility modifications.
B Keem
B Keem
Start to finish the team here are great to deal with. Any issues are sorted quickly. Always helpful.
max Max
max Max
Kristine Rawlinson
Kristine Rawlinson
George and Mohammed went above and beyond our expectations to support us during the modifications of our vehicle. It suits our needs perfectly and means that my husband can get around safely. They are honest and open communicators and did their best to make sure we got on the road as soon as possible. Thanks Right Price - you're the right people for the job!
alan howe
alan howe
A five star thank you to george and his team from the time we first met george and made sure the conversion suited our needs to help us find a van that suited us and our budget to finish the conversion in due time very happy no problems thanks great job
Can't be any happier with the conversion of our KIA Carnival and the aftercare George and the team have provided. Top notch.


Having now owned a Right Price Conversions Kia Carnival for 2 years for our wheelchair bound son (MS). I can’t speak highly enough of this unique conversion . The internal ramp system is awesome and we would never consider any other type of conversion (i.e. external ramp or hoist type). From the ease of loading and unloading to being able to park in any car park it really is “Simply The Best “. Great Company, Great staff and Great Conversions. 

Bob Edwards.

Bob Edwards , NSW , 14/06/2019

Thank you so much from Darren and I, you are wonderful! Peter speaks highly of your work, and you personally. We will be spreading the Right Price Conversion word, and are now on your Facebook page. Thank you so much. 

Lisa and Darren.

Lisa and Darren, Sydney, 25 sep 2018

Hello George

Although you did our conversion back in 2011, we just wanted to let you know that we are still more than happy with our Kia Grand Carnival. When it was first done, we didn’t have to wait very long, about 3 weeks from start to finish. and as for the price, it was very affordable compared to other competitors. Nothing was ever a problem to you, even today you and your team will go the extra mile and have been and still are very helpful. in our travels and driving around, when people see how how it all operates, they are amazed. Even a policeman asked to have a look, he said that he had never seen a conversion like it. he asked us what company, we told him Right Price Conversions. He said he would let his brother know about you, adding that it would make his life much easier.

Thank you George & Team for still making our life easier too.

Maureen Mara, Sydney, 17/05/2019

My name is Garth, I am the carer for Helen who became a paraplegic in 2008. We first heard about Right Price Conversions when she was in the Acute Spinal Unit of Prince Of Wales Hospital in about 2009. One of the other inpatients was raving about this car he had bought “through the Greek bloke George at Wolli Creek”. 

Helen was released from POWH in July 2010, we were both on pensions, so travelled everywhere by public transport. It wasn’t until I came into a bit of money in 2016 that I started thinking about buying a modified car to take her (large) wheelchair in the back, which was when i looked up Right Price Conversions on the internet. 

I met George Zisti and his team (principally “Mohamad and “Ray”) a short time later at Wolli Creek, and from our very first contact, George and his dedicated team were very helpful, He had a recently converted Kia Grand Carnival sitting in the workshop that looked ideal for our purposes, long story  cut short, we took delivery of it in November 2016 and absolutely LOVE it!

We haven’t had a problem at all in the (almost) 2 years we’ve had it, the ride is smooth, getting in & out is a breeze, you can pull up in very limited parking spot safe in the knowledge that as long as you can open the rear door you can get in & out with a minimum fuss. it’s great 

Garth Cooley, Sydney, 25 Sep 2018

We have today conducted minor repairs on a Canberra wheelchair taxi converted for us at Right Price Conversions 10 years ago. The vehicle has done almost 1 million kms and is still running strong. This is a perfect demonstration of quality and sustainable, long lasting design, engineering and parts. 

Frederick Allotey, Sydney, 20 March 2019

Hi George and the team from Right Price Conversions. Just a quick note to say we are ready for an upgrade of our Honda Odyssey, at our age we need to upgrade every 5 years to maintain the value of our vehicle. 

We have been so happy with the ease of using this magnificent conversion, I do not have any back problems caused by climbing into the back of a vehicle to apply the tie downs, I maintain my dignity as well as Caleb’s with a quick transition getting in and out of the vehicle. Caleb’s carers take him out socially with ease and i don’t have to worry that he is not secure. I hope to have the vehicle by the end of this year. 

Kind regards to all the team at Right Price Conversions.

Veronica Schulte. .

Veronica Schulte, Sydney, 20 March 2019

Hi George, I finally have the chance to pass on my eternal gratitude for having the opportunity to own the vehicle of my choice.  

As you know I contacted you in September 2014 with regard to a conversion. I had done a massive amount of research over the previous 2 years trying to find a vehicle that I wanted to own that could be modified. I found your conversion in 2013, kept the printout in a drawer, both my husband and myself were impressed with the concept and decided that this was the way to go. Our 2 other children had both completed their university studies so we were able to save for a new vehicle, and the task began looking for a suitable vehicle. 

I was not happy with what was available, mainly because most vehicles were too big for just the 3 of us, or they were too small. We like to travel so still need a little extra room for luggage and portable hoists. I had always liked the Honda Odyssey but knew it was too low for a conversion until I came across the new 2014 model, I was so excited I could hardly contain myself ! Finally I had found a vehicle I was happy with, and this was also going to be my vehicle as the decision was made to keep our other vehicle with the ramps as it was my husbands work vehicle as well. 

I do all of the stuff with Caleb, all his medical appointments, shopping, social activities and church activities. I called George to find out if he could convert the Odyssey, he thought it was still the old shape, when I told him it was different and had a higher roof, he was also excited, I had checked the vehicle out at the car yard and taken it for a drive, I felt it was suitable, he requested I go out and measure the depth from floor to ceiling, it was perfect. 

This was a new beginning for us, we finally had what we had been waiting for, a beautiful vehicle that we would be proud of with the most amazing conversion you could ever wish for. Everyone I come into contact with when I am getting Caleb in or out of the car can not believe how easy it is, the car looks like any other Odyssey except for the bumper bar. 

Caleb has a very large wheelchair, it fits perfectly, he loves it, and it is stylish and a very comfortable ride for him in the back, he no longer gets tossed around, he can see out and it looks like he is sitting in the back row seats. 

Thank you to everyone at Right Price Conversions for listening to me and spending so much time  working out how you could make it work. I did try to get quotes from other converters,  but they only provided me with the vehicles they converted, since they are converting them. I was disappointed as I believe they would never have tried if I had not requested a quote. George has sent a couple of people to check my car and all of them have loved it!  One couple drove all the way from Bundaberg to look at the conversion and have been able to receive theirs and are very happy with it. Last weekend we went to the AFL at the GABBA, I parked the car in a car park, the attendant was very impressed with the vehicle and took photos and sent them to his sister, so George may be receiving some more inquiries. Thank you again for all of your hard work and I am sure you had many sleepless nights sorting it out. 

Kind Regards Veronica  

Veronica Schulte , Brisbane, 22 June 2016

 I would like to begin by saying a very big thank you to the team at Right Price Conversions, Not only have you delivered an amazing product but you personal service has been overwhelming.

Your staff are professional, they really care and take great pride in their work. They explained every detail we needed to understand about the new technology and how to operate it.

Not only is it easy to use but is is very user friendly. What amazed me is the genius thought process behind how this technology makes it so convenient to operate in todays tight and busy environment.

I couldn’t be happier on all fronts, thank you George and the team at Right Price Conversions

Kind Regards,

Elie Eid


Save Our Sons Inc

Elie Eid Founder Save Our Sons Inc, Sydney, 08 March 2016

A big thank you to George, Ray and the team at Right Price Conversions!!

I purchased my Kia Grand Carnival 3 years ago to be used as a wheelchair accessible taxi and had right price do the conversion for me, I have to say the service I’ve been given is second to none. In the 3 years since the conversion has been done I’ve had no problems at all and find loading and unloading passengers is not only safe but easy to operate with the system they’ve installed.

They’ve converted my vehicle while keeping the original shape and integrity of the cars body which allows me to convert easily from an 8 seater vehicle to a wheelchair accessible cab and back again with room for 5 passengers comfortably when needed for a wheelchair job.

They are always happy to help and no question or task is ever too big or too small!

I highly recommend them!! Taxi T511

Frederick Allotey, Sydney, 11 May 2016

Hi George

I would like to thank you and your team for the prompt action taken to repair my son’s KIA Grand Carnival after it was involved in an accident. After my repair company towed the vehicle from Canberra to Sydney you had the job completed within 24 hours. The rear bumpers were re-moulded, installed and conversion check for safety and working order during this time, leaving my repairer with the easy task of spraying the repaired area.

I would also like to say that the conversion system used is better than a non converted vehicle as the framing around the wheelchair compartment was never compromised or bent, even after being involved in a large rear end accident. I would say that the frame clearly acted like a roll cage around the wheelchair my son was sitting in. The force of the impact was felt more towards the front of the vehicle than in the rear as my son was clearly okay and more relaxed than myself (sore neck).

Your service and product is the best I have seen and if you need me to discuss or promote your product please do not hesitate to ask me. Keep up the great work, people with a disability need more people like yourself who do it for the love not the money.

Kind regards

Mark Brookhouse 

Mark Brookhouse, Canberra, 17 February 2016

 Good afternoon George. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for so effortlessly sorting out the issues we had with the Honda. Our client can now enter the van in the garage not on the street as it is high enough to reverse up the driveway without scraping. This has made her, her family and her support workers very happy.

Whilst I have not had much feedback on the van other than it is obviously much higher & easier to get the clients into and out of (and that it sounds really good), I have not had any further complaints which I am more likely to get so I believe the changes you have made have been a success.

Thank you


Naomi Cahill (Administrator, Mercy Centre Lavington), Thurgoona, 26 August 2015

Hi George

Lana has a carer taking her out Wednesday with the Kia. Her name is Larissa and she just loves the conversion with no ramps etc., I think she is sending you an email. She is so confident with it and I am wrapped 1 Now we can have choice of what and where Lana can go.

Many thanks

Nola Noel & Lana. 

Nola and Noel Haden and Lana, Melbourne, 24 February 2016

In the past we have had several ‘people movers’  like Chrysler Voyager; Mazda MPV;  Mitsubishi Grandis and last the Toyota Tarago. 

Our youngest son Philip (age 16) has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy that is progressively getting worse, so in 2010 with the last MPV (the Tarago) we needed room for an electric wheelchair and we were extremely impressed with your design and quality of work.

As a returning customer of Right Price Conversions I wanted to write to you to highly recommend your product!

It is really simple:

1. This is a superior product by design as it allows for parking and access almost anywhere as long as there is room for a wheelchair behind the vehicle.

2. Our Toyota Tarago conversion has been faultless after 4 years of daily operation.

3. There is a minimum of moving parts and the simple and elegant design makes the conversion very cost effective.

4. Don’t let the price fool you into thinking it is too cheap to be of great quality – the design is so smart that it makes for a substantially cheaper conversion. And last but not least  …..

5.  the conversion only takes 3 to 4 weeks – actually ours took less than 3 weeks.

Up until now Honda has not been part of that equation as the old models of the Odyssey did not have the cabin height required for the conversion. The excellent new Honda Odyssey 2014 has all the right dimensions and is priced very competitively, so now we see a great opportunity for Honda Australia becoming the provider of choice for families/people looking for wheelchair transport in the disability industry at large across Australia.”

Peter Hojgaard-Olsen, Sydney, 26 September 2014

 I have a 16yr old son who’s in a wheelchair and was desperately in need of modifying my vehicle for him as he was way too big for me to get him in and out of my car by myself.

I did months of research into various modifications and looked into every company I could find. My goal was to get a superior quality modification for a price that is reasonable. 

I received a recommendation from  a parent at my son’s school to try Right Price Conversions as she had used them and was very happy. I rang them and was invited to the workshop to have the entire modification process explained to me (in plain English) and was shown a car that had already been modified which was fantastic as I could see exactly what the finished product would look like and whether it would suit my growing families needs.

George and Ray went above and beyond to cater to my family’s individual needs and treated us as family. They run their business very professionally and with warmth and compassion which is such a rare combination to find. 

Upon receiving my newly modified Tarago, my family’s world has opened up as we can travel comfortably and safely wherever and whenever we desire. The modification is stunning and so simple to use. My son is comfortable and safe and I couldn’t be happier. I’d gladly and confidently recommend Right Price Conversions to anyone who is requiring modifications done as you will be looked after and supported by George and his team every step of the way.

Caroline Barris, Sydney, 23 May 2014

 “I looked everywhere for wheelchair conversions available for taxis on the market and decided to go ahead with Right Price Conversions after seeing one of them on the road. I had a Tarago converted in 2005, I was very happy with that one and got another 4 Tarago converted after that. I converted a fifth Tarago in 2011.

The first 4 Taragos did not have a electric floor. I was happy before but the last one with electric floor is much better. I can open the boot and just put the luggage straight in the back of the vehicle. Not fold the ramp down just to put the customer’s luggage in. This is important for Taxis.

I recommend Right Price Conversions, as the customer service is great which gives piece of mind,  much needed especially for Taxis and private. George and his staff are always there to help. You can not beat the price, quality or service. Great location and near the airport.

Yasha, 24 June 2014

Just wanted to let yBefore coming to Right Price Conversions back in December 2012, I put a lot of research into having my new Tarago converted. I had visited the big names in Sydney and even looked at one situated in Melbourne.

It is quite expensive to have this type of work done, so I guess, what I was looking for was 4 things:

1. A quality conversion which was the most practical to use

2. A quality job done by professionals with experience and expertise.

3A conversion that looks great, inside and out, and, 

4And of course at the best price.

I was a little sceptical at first because Right Price was about $10,000 cheaper that everyone else. On looking at how the conversion was done, their engineering experience was excelling over all their competitors. Instead of a ramp protruding out the back or a bulky lift to put the wheelchair on, they had combined the 2 together – an internal ramp that moved up and down.

It all seemed too good to be true, as they appeared to be ticking all the boxes!


Come February 2013, we had a change of power wheelchairs and a few things needed to be adjusted. This was no problem at all. Also, in June 2013, somebody ran up the back of the Tarago and damaged the vehicle. I’m glad to say that because of the strength of the conversion, everyone inside the vehicle was safe and the damage was small. George dealt with the insurance companies and other repairers on my behalf in such a professional manner and not to mention came to my rescue and sorted me out with a loan vehicle that he had converted, as he knew we could not be without.|

I must say, that George, Ray and the crew go “beyond the call of duty,” to please their customers. They really make you feel like part of the family. So overall, these guys are pretty amazing and on top of their impeccable service, they are always trying to think of new ways to improve their already remarkable invention. I would highly recommend them.ou know that our Kia Carnival conversion has been fantastic. 

It has been so much easier to take Blake around and he loves travelling in the back.

The Casey Family, Sydney, 4 July 2013

After researching a tonne of different conversions, Right Price Conversions stood out as the most user friendly conversion system available.

The quality workmanship and attention to detail produces a superb conversion that really is value for money. It is now simple, quick and easy to load our wheelchair passenger who loves the conversion too.

The team at Right Price Conversions are 100% reliable, have fantastic customer service and go above and beyond to help. It is wonderful to find a company that cares and does the right thing. I cannot recommend Right Price Conversions highly enough.

Cally Haase, Nambucca Heads, 18 June 2013

 Just wanted to let you know that we recently received our new wheelchair converted car and just want to say a HUGE “Thank You”.

The vehicle is even better when you have it. We have only had the car a few weeks, but I can already  feel the difference in my back and I know Mikayla is enjoying it.”

The Stokes, Perth, 11 June 2013

Just wanted to let you know that our Kia Carnival conversion has been fantastic. 

It has been so much easier to take Blake around and he loves travelling in the back.

Chris, Wollongong, 12 May 2013

 We were very pleased with Right Price Conversions service. Their friendly team and affordable conversion cost made it possible for us to have our modified vehicle available quickly. We recommend them for people like us who are trying to meet the needs of a family member who has a disability, with limited resources. 

Fouad Antonious, Sydney, 20 July 2011

 I just wanted to put pen to paper to say how happy my family is with the wheelchair conversion to our Tarago.

A big thank you for making our life so much easier

Sam, Angela & Dr. SJ Barone, Sydney, 27 July 2011