5 Year Warranty (2 years Taxi and business)

5-year warranty is subject to our terms and conditions listed on this page. we offer 5
year/100,000 km for private customers and 2 years/150,000 km for taxi and
business. Only on our conversions, parts used in our conversions are subject to their
manufactures warranty as listed on this page.

Not covered by 5/2 Warranty

All parts purchased by Right Price Conversions including electrical restraints,
actuators and docking stations, DVD players, reverse cameras are subject to their
own manufactures warranty. in the case that there is a fault in these products’ vehicle
must be brought to Right Price Conversions or Right Price Conversions must be
notifies immediately labour will not be charged to replace these items if the fault is
from the manufactures and is within the manufacturer’s warranty period. Interstate
customers will receive replacement parts via postage and a workshop authorized by
right Price conversions will replace the parts.

Covered by 5/2-year Warranty

all manufactured and installed parts are covered by this warranty subject to terms
and conditions. this warranty guarantees the conversion is free from all defects in
workmanship and material. this Guarantees all specific requirements of the
specifications and other contract documenting governing works.


This warranty only covers original owner and is not transferable. this warranty covers
labour and parts manufactured by Right Price Conversions. If any work has been
done other than Right Price Conversion this warranty will be void. any work done by
anyone other than Right Price Conversions and is not Authorized by Right Price
Conversions the works will not be reimbursed. Authorization must be in written form
and signed by the director of Right Price Conversions. pictures and detailed quote
must be provided to Right Price Conversions for any work needing to be done under
warranty. All parts not covered by Right Price Conversions have their own
manufactures warranty. A copy of the conversion invoice issued by right price
conversions along with images must be presented when claiming warranty.
Right Price Conversions cannot guarantee all wheelchair sizes to fit our conversions,
it is up to the client, OT and/or support worker to ensure the client’s needs and
wheelchair fitment in our conversions are meet. vehicle models will determine the
maximum space for the wheelchair. although we allow the maximum head space
possible with each vehicle model it is the clients, OT and/or support worker to ensure
acquitted head space is available to comply with Australian Standards. Before making
a decision contact us to get advice of the best conversion and vehicle to suit your
If you choose to take the vehicle to an Opposition company or non-authorized
engineers, you are liable for a lawsuit and warranty for the conversion will
immediately be void all our work is certified by an independent RMS approved
taking the vehicle to another workshop before contacting Right Price Conversion will
void warranty. Right Price Conversion must be contacted first and authorize the
client to take the conversion to a local workshop if there is no written proof of
authorization the warranty will be void.
Any work done by another company once authorized by Right Price Conversions that
company is responsible for that work done and it is the client’s responsibility to
discuss with that company regarding warranty on the work done. Right Price
Conversions is not obligated to warrant any work done by any other company even if
the work done is originally covered by Right Price Conversions